# Translation system

Lyra has a translation system that integrates with the sertxudeveloper/laravel-translatable package. To enable translations in Lyra using this package, you must modify the configuration file.

"translator" => [
  "enabled" => true,
  "default_locale" => "es",
  "available_locales" => ["en"],
  // No modification needed if you're using sertxudeveloper/laravel-translatable
  "table_suffix" => "_translations",
  "locale_column" => "locale",

The enabled key must be true, the default_locale key must indicate the default language, and the available_locales key must be an array with the other languages that will be available.

The languages must comply with the ISO 639-1 format for the correct operation of the application.

Once the translation system is activated, the translatable method must be used in the fields that allow translations.


The translations of the different fields can only be added from the edit form, as the base record must exist in order to add the translation.