# Contribution guide

# Error Reporting

All bug reports are welcome and you can create an issue in Lyra's GitHub repository

If you decide to create a new issue to report a bug, we strongly recommend that you add a description of the bug, add as much relevant information as possible, as well as sample code to be able to replicate the bug and resolve the problem for the next version.

All bug fixes should be sent to the latest version branch.

For example, if you want to send a bug fix to the latest version "v1.5.9", you should send it to the branch "1.x".

The master branch should only receive bug fixes if the bug is only in that branch and not in any of the released versions.

# Compiled files

If you are submitting a change that affects a compiled file, like most files in resources/assets/sass or resources/assets/js do not submit the compiled files. All compiled files will be generated and published by Lyra developers.

# Security vulnerabilities

If you find a security vulnerability, DO NOT open an issue, send an email to lyra@sertxu.dev. We will publish a new version as soon as the error is corrected.