# Dashboard

By default no configured dashboard is included, to configure one you must first create it using the following command indicating the name of the dashboard.

$ php artisan lyra:dashboard {name}

Once created you can find it in the 'app/Lyra/Dashboards' folder.

You must then register it in the configuration file.

"dashboard" => \App\Lyra\Dashboards\Dashboard::class,

Now we just need to create the different cards to show relevant information.

# Cards

To create a card, the following command must be executed, indicating the name of the card.

$ php artisan lyra:card {name}

You will be asked what type of card you want to create. You can choose between:

  • Simple Card: Displays a single value next to a title and icon.
  • Metric Card: Displays a value next to a percentage, a title, and an icon.
  • Sort List Card: Displays a list of values next to a title.

The cards created can be found in app/Lyra/Dashboards/Cards.

To add a card to the dashboard simply import it and add a new instance of it in the array that returns the dashboard function.

protected function dashboard() {
  return [
      // First row
      new ExampleCard(),